About me

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Dotzenrod and I am running for Fargo Park Board. The election is June 2022.

I have been interested in running for the park board since I moved back to Fargo in 2012. Ten years is enough time for contemplation and it is time for me to take the leap into running for election!

A native of rural North Dakota, I grew up on a farm just five miles outside of a small town. Like many small town North Dakotans, I made the move to Fargo and now call it my home. I am a graduate of North Dakota State College of Science. I also attended North Dakota State University where I studied Computer Science, Business Management, and Music Education.

Spending time outdoors has been important to me throughout my childhood and on into adult life. I enjoy camping, fishing, kayaking, and long hikes along beautiful trails. A well-managed park system is a critical part of any vibrant community and it would be my honor to play a part in helping keep Fargo Parks as vibrant and vivacious as ever.

Some of my goals in running for park board include establishing wireless internet service in select parks, installing more accessible playground equipment for children with disabilities, and establishing at least one additional skate park in our community. As a person with disabilities myself, I am a fierce advocate for all minorities and want to encourage everyone in our community to get outside and get active!

If you have any questions regarding what I hope to accomplish as a Fargo Park Board member, you can contact me by email jacqueline.dotzenrod@gmail.com. Please consider giving me your support and your vote in the coming election in June 2022.